Mid-Winter Warmer Wrap Up

On the 2nd of July Balmain’s Carbon footprint got a swing in it’s step, as guests at the Mid Winter Warmer danced those winter chills away. Vintage Allsorts joined forces with Function Entertainment to transform Balmain Town Hall into a deco dance palace for a whole lot of sophisticated fun.We wanted to create a night that celebrated the culture of cocktail cool. Using the existing colour theme and decadent deco detailings of the majestic hall we planned a night that brimmed with atmosphere and activity.


Photo Courtesy Kris Ezergailis


'The Cocktail Cabinet' - Photos Courtesy Kris Ezergailis

The Opening Set by The Cocktail Cabinet paid tribute to the Legendary Louis Prima who would have celebrated his 100th b’day this year. Led by Simon ‘The Senator’ Bartlett the combo’s vibrant energy and infectious good humour set the party in full swing and the dance floor was jumping from the first note. Pia Andersen ,the cabinet’s pink champagne cocktail shared the microphone with Special guest vocalist boho-swing chanteuse Sarah J Hyland. on some of the classic Keely Smith tunes.

There was much activity during the band breaks . Sharon and Nathan from Swingtime judged a knock out dance contest. There was some pretty tough competition on the floor but the audiences Applause-a-meter raised the roof for the winners 7 year old Lale and her ‘Dapper Dad’ dance partner David Mclachlan. They cleaned up first prize kindly donated by Retrospec’d , and the smile on Lale’s face that stayed for the rest of the night was prize enough for all of the other contestants.

Dance Contest Hosted by Swingtime. Photos by Louise Whelan

Winners of the Dance Contest Lale and dad David, Photos Louise Whelan and Romualdo Nubla


The best dressed awards were Judged by Sydney’s Queen Dame of Vintage Value and History the Lovely Lorraine from The Vintage Clothing Shop. From the moment doors opened she secretly swept through the crowd assessing the fine collection of Mid-Century Cocktail Ensembles and tapped the two winners on the shoulder just before the announcement was set to take place. Lorraine awarded a prize for best dressed male and female but as they were standing apart at the time she had chosen them what she didn’t realise was that she had chosen a couple.The always immaculate Robyn and Georgio. Two of the best dressed people in all of Sydney Town and beyond. Always groomed in well chosen sophisticated authentic outfits they were well deserving of the fabulous prizes, two delicious bottles courtesy of Cointreau and a voucher for Lorraine’s fabulous Vintage Clothing Shop.


Best Dressed Portraits Taken by Louise Whelan in the Shooting Starlets Parlour

The Mid Century Soundtrack for the second set was provided courtesy of The Mad Men of ‘ The Black and White Big Band ‘ They played and eclectic collection of classics and rare tunes especially chosen to compliment the evening. The Senators arrangements were such a delight for the dancers with intoxicating rhythms and brilliant beats.The vocal stylings of the ever vivacious ‘Hollywood Honeys’ delighted an already excited crowd.

'The Hollywood Honeys' Backstage - Photos Louise Whelan

The combined voices of Kitty Van Horne, Sara Jeanne O’Connor and Pia Andersen provide a strong sensual tone and the genuine love they have for each other and the songs they share make them a true delight to watch. Always beautifully styled they Dressed for the occasion in Bright Satins and taffeta , frosted with opulent jewels they looked like a Ravishing Rainbow of Cocktail Couture. Special Guest Vocalists Sarah J Hyland and Edoardo Santone also joined the Big Band Bounty and added an extra dimension to the already decadent vocal palette.


The Senator, The Hollywood Honeys,Sarah J Hyland and Edoardo Santone-Photos Courtesy Louise Whelan


'The Hollywood Honeys' centre Stage with guest Sarah J Hyland- photos courtesy Romualdo Nubla

Through out the night Coco- Reposes pop up shop provided a welcome break from the dancing, drinking and desserts . Jess always has such exquisite frocks in beautiful condition, I noticed a few ladies adorning them selves with a little extra treasure throughout the night and others making plans to visit her store in the Antique Centre to view her full assortment of amazing vintage masterpieces.


Coco Repose Pop-Up Shop ,Photos Courtesy Kris Ezergailis

The Vintage Allsorts Beauty Bar kept guests perfectly pinned, lined and lashed and the Shooting Starlets Photo Parlour captured some enchanting portraits as well as sneaking some incredible event images in between clients. Lou Lou , as always your photos perfectly capture the colour and clarity of a moment. Thank you for sharing your shots.


Vintage Allsorts Beauty Bar- Photos Louise Whelan and Kris Ezergailis

Sophisticated Yum’s decadent dessert booth kept every one sweetly satisfied. The Chocolate Mouse and cupcakes in a jar being favourite items amoungst the cultured crowd. Always beautifully presented, it is the quality of the food items that always impresses. When Sophisticated Yum is in attendance it is definitely a case of tasting as good as it looks.


Sophisticated Yum's Decadent Dessert Booth , Photos Courtesy Pauline Sophisticated Yum

'Love Grub' Pop Up Bar , Photos Kris Ezergailis


Love Grub’s Pop Up Bar offered a selection of fine organic and boutique beverages. The beers quirky branding and hep names of Hop Rocker and Sassy Red were a hit with the crowd, however being the first Weekend of Dry July it’s no surprise that their tasty softer drinks were in high demand.


Meagan Fitton from Armchair Traveller Radio program and her team joined in the celebration and I have to thank them for not only providing me with some great images post event ( Thank you Kris Ezergailis ) but for truly getting into the spirit of the night and offering assistance and help where ever they saw it was needed. It was a pleasure to have you at our Warmer.

Elegant Guests at the Warmer - photos Courtesy Kris Ezergailis


Dancers at the Mid Winter Warmer - photos Courtesy Louise Whelan

With a packed dance floor and sizzling hot musicians , chills were chased and all in attendance were well and truly toasted and with The Middle of Winter passing by in the right direction it seems that the teams from Vintage Allsorts and Function Entertainment have caught a touch or spring fever and plans for a ‘Spring Fling’ are already in full bloom.

Watch this space, details blossoming very soon….


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  2. […] Pia Anderson as she transformed the art deco building into a retro hive of swing and sound with her Mid Winter Warmer […]

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