On Sale – Shops and Shopping Exhibition Launch

Photo -Louise Whelan


On Sale – Shops and Shopping , Is a fabulous new exhibition at the State Library of NSW which was officially launched last night. For the event Vintage Allsorts was asked to bring to life shoppers through time. Using reference from the exhibition and a little bit of creative license we created roving installations to interact with the crowd.

It was a fabulous evening and such a pleasure to spend time in the wonderfully curated exhibition.I highly recommend that you take a trip to our beautiful library to enjoy it’s offereings.Read below to find out more about the Exhibition- Excerpts Taken from the Library Website

All of these event photos were taken by the incredible Louise Whelan.

Roving Models help to launch 'On Sale' at the State Library - photo Louise Whelan

c1940's Wartime shoppers Georgio and Rosalie ,c1950's Shopper Pia and Doorman Nathan at the State Library

Shoppers through time At The State Library - On Sale Exhibition Opening

c1950's Shopper -Pia at the State Library photo Louise Whelan

c1940's Wartime Shoppers - Outfits supplied courtesy of Vintage Clothing

c1920's Shopper Meelah - outfit Courtesy Vintage Clothing Shop

Shoppers Through Time - Roving Through 'On Sale'

Shopping Through time - at the State Library Photo Louise Whelan

State Library NSW - 'On Sale' Exhibition Opening - Photo Louise Whelan

Visit the Official State Library Website for more information



About On Sale

One of Sydney’s best loved cultural icons is transforming its galleries into a giant ‘shopping mall’ that will have shoppers clambering to see some 250 vintage and contemporary goodies from the Library’s billion dollar collections!

The State Library’s major new exhibition offers a unique shopping experience where ‘customers’ will be immersed in the sights, sounds and extravagant visual pleasures associated with shops and shopping!

“We look at shopping from its humble beginnings to the emergence of ‘fashionable emporiums’ and retail dynasties, upmarket arcades, chain stores, malls and e-Shopping,” says Margot Riley, who spent six months curating the exhibition On Sale! Shops & Shopping.

Margot Riley is great talent and can share fascinating stories on what people purchased through time and where they shopped, as well as read out some of the amusing advertisements of the time eg. Every woman deserves a washing machine!

Everybody shops!

Most of us don’t need to buy, we want to buy. Originally we shopped from necessity; now its a leisure activity and a form of entertainment. It is the job of retailers to create an irresistible world designed to make us spend.

Settlement of Australia coincided with the emergence of ‘shopping’ as a pastime. Sydney was the scene of Australia’s earliest shops and maintained its dominance of the Australian retail market throughout the 19th century.

The retail industry is Australia’s largest employer, with retail figures an important economic indicator.

In 2010-2011, Sydney shoppers are witnessing the largest retail devolvement of the CBD since the 1970s, and the city is set to reclaim it position as Australia’s retail capital.


8 Aug 2011 – 30 Oct 2011

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Admission: Free


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