Miss Pia Andersen

Miss Pia Andersen, the driving force behind Vintage Allsorts, is a Rockabilly Bombshell , a vintage culture expert and an entrepreneur who is creating her very own Vintage Empire one perfect pin curl at a time.

When Pia isn’t decorating the world with a touch of vintage glamour , Hollering on stage with her Rockabilly Band or singing Torching Jazz Standards with Sydney’s finest Jazz men, she is kept busy as the Beauty and the Brains behind Sydney’s “Vintage Allsorts” which is a performance based events, entertainment and styling agency. Pia started this vintage database almost 8 years ago to provide a nucleus for many like minded fascinating and talented people to share both their unique passion for the vintage culture and their incredible skills in their chosen profession. Pia is a regularly profiled personality in magazines, newspapers , radio and television shows making her a well known Vintage identity throughout Australia.


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